Cross-cycle investment strategies

OP Financial builds up a cross-cycle portfolio by adopting long-, mid- and short-term investment strategies

Long-term Core Holding

OP Financial focuses on the companies with high potential for growth and becomes the strategic shareholder of these companies with 20-30% shareholding and no limited holding period. OP Financial provides patient capital and support to strong management teams to enhance their performance and achieve strategic objectives.

Mid-term private equity and venture capital investment

OP Financial partners with the industry leader and investment partners to build add-on deals through PE and VC funds, to invest in either the upstream, the downstream or the surrounding business of the core holding companies. OP Financial empowers the ecosystem of the core holding companies and creates medium-to-short-term investment returns for shareholders.

Short-term arbitrage and other investment

Leveraging on its advantages, OP Financial provides near-term funding support for core holding companies, the relative investees, and the surrounding companies. It generates income from the spread between prices, interest rates or currency rates.

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